IMG_0743Brandon Butler of Holdfast LLC understands the difficulty homeowners face when maintaining and improving their home. For the past ten years, Brandon and his small team at Holdfast LLC have torn apart, rebuilt, and repaired every kind of residential space – from historic window and door restoration, to concrete bathroom remodels, to updating kitchens that have not had a facelift since the 1930s. While imperfect walls, floors, and outdated utilities cause other companies to cringe, Holdfast welcomes the opportunity to transform older and imperfect space into the modern living area you envision – all the while preserving the very special character that makes each home so unique.

In addition to home improvement and remodeling, Holdfast LLC offers a full range of handyman services and annual home maintenance packages for the homeowner looking to minimize surprise repair cost.

Whether you wish to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to fruition or simply need general handyman help, Holdfast LLC is Louisville’s premier small contracting firm to provide you and your home with personal, quality service.

Holdfast LLC is insured by Kaiser Insurance Company and is a registered business with the City of Louisville.


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